YouLead 2020 in focus

Theme: Development is people not things: Maendeleo ni watu si vitu.

Dates: (To be confirmed...) Venue: EAC Headquarters and MS TCDC Campus – Arusha

About YouLead

YouLead is East Africa’s flagship Youth Leadership Development Program seeking to unlock youth leadership potential for a prosperous region. YouLead is a collective action youth program hosted by MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation (MSTCDC) and the East African Community (EAC) in Arusha, co-owned and supported by the YouLead Consortium of State and Non-State Partners across all the 6 East African Community (EAC) Member States in the spirit of United Nations Agenda 2030 – “Leaving no one Behind” and the African Union Agenda 2063 – “the Africa we want”.

Why YouLead

YouLead works with political leaders, business leaders, government leaders,development partners, regional, continental and multilateral institutions, CSO’s, artist, media and youth led networks, movements, think tanks and thought leaders delivering as one.

Africa is the world’s youngest continent and this reality is reflected in the East African Community’s population profile. Youth power once harnessed correctly can accelerate change positively in a manner never seen before. The East African Youth bulge is tipping on a scale of either an asset or liability. The YouLead Program looks to capitalize on the asset of young East African demographic promises for individuals, countries and region’s advantage. The YouLead Program is East African Community’s flagship youth leadership initiative to deliver the future of the region’s youthful promises as ‘One Young East Africa’ in its sophistication and diversity. We look to position youth as a resource pool for efficiently and effectively, driving the economic and political development of the region. Our goal is to connect young leaders to learn, explore, demand, innovate and create resilient sustainable solutions that aim to transform our communities through:

  1. i. Amplifying youth voices
  2. ii. Enhancing capacity of young political leaders
  3. iii. Connecting and empowering young business leaders

Our Vision

Toward Solidarity, Voice, Participation, Access to Economic Opportunities and Decent Work for East African Youth

The YouLead Community

YouLead is a large community with multiple constituencies and stakeholders, including YouLead Board of Patrons, YouLead secretariat, EAC Youth Ambassadors, YouLead Consortium Members, YouLead co- host organizations, and funding partners and sponsors, delegates and alumni among others.

Board of Patrons

Primary purpose and role is to promote program, open doors, enhance political legitimacy and advise on political matters It is Headed by an EAC former Head of State nominated through an open call for nominations by youth across the EAC All other Members are nominated through an open call for nominations and vetted by TESCO based on country, sector, gender and age group balance criteria

YouLead Technical Steering Committee

Composed of reresentatives (1 per org) of YouLead Promoting Orgs (currently MSTCDC, EAC, and TBI) Promoters qualify by level of commitment to wnership of YouLead Programs Commitment is by staff time, funds contributed and funds raised for YouLead programs at country and regional level Primary role is to oversee the YouLead Secretariat and offer program oversight and guidance at regional all levels

YouLead Secretariat

YouLead Secretariat is made up of a team of dedicated young professionals - youth organizing and leadership specialists with various skills and talents. They offer their time and skills all year through to work toward advancement of YouLead’s short and long term ambitions.

East African Community (EAC) Youth Ambassadors

East African Community Youth Ambassadors are East African youth between the age of 18 to 35 that support YouLead Secretariat to mobilize youth for the in-country events and raise awareness about YouLead Summit. They also support planning and execution of pre-summit events in their various countries and offer support at the regional summit in different activities.

YouLead Long Term Ambitions

Ambition 1

Amplify Youth Voices in Key Regional Political Governance Institutions & Processes of the EAC and Accelerate Regional Integration

Success Indicator I

Host the Annual East Africa Youth Leadership Summit – YouLead Summit

Success Indicator II

Host the Annual East Africa Under 40 Political Leaders Forum

Success Indicator III

An East African Youth Council in place and operational

Success Indicator IV

Youth Members of the East African Legislative Assembly nominated

Success Indicator V

Amplify youth voices in democratic governance through conscious art, music & talent

Success Indicator VI

Host the Arusha Peace Forum - an Annual East African Youth Forum on Sustainable Peace and Security

Ambition 2

Build the Capacity & Increase the Number of Youth Leaders Holding Positions of Political and Policy Decision Making Responsibility

Success Indicator I

Establish an East African Youth Leadership Mentorship Program & a Youth Leadership Fellowship Fund

Success Indicator II

A Performance Peer Review Mechanism for elected Youth Leaders to assess progress on their commitments, deepen their cooperation and partnerships

Success Indicator III

Build Capacity of YouLead Alumni to compete for & hold parliamentary & cabinet positions in their countries

Success Indicator IV

Connect Youth Leaders with mentors & mentorship opportunities, enhance their leadership capacity & effectiveness

Success Indicator V

Connect & build solidarity with other continental youth leadership initiatives

Ambition 3

Enhance Capacity of Youth in Business, Trade & Enterprise, Pursue Economic Opportunities & Decent Work for Youth

Success Indicator I

Host Annual East Africa Under 40 Business Leaders Forum

Success Indicator II

Cooperation & Partnership between Young Business Leaders & Young Political Leaders Deepened

Success Indicator III

A Regional Network of Young CEOS & Enterprise Innovators established

Success Indicator IV

A Regional E-Commerce, Digital Skills & Digital Jobs Accelerator Facility established

Success Indicator V

Building capacity of youth with business aspirations through tailored mentorship support

Success Indicator VI

A Regional Digital Directory of Innovation hubs established, youth entrepreneurs & innovators connected to venture capital sponsors & start-up incubators

Our success story

Comming soon.....

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