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Partner Expression of Interest




We have 3 types of partnerships with roles as follows:

Partner Type 1: Agenda Partner

ü  Sponsor Workshops

ü  Sponsor delegates from own organisation, partner network or other admitted delegates

ü  Provide technical expertise on development of session agenda

ü  Provide Speakers

ü  Pay speaker Honoraria

ü  Provide Volunteers


Appear on Branding[1] of Workshop Material

Will be mentioned and acknowledged as partners at the beginning and end of the workshops and at the Opening and Closing of Summit

Will receive appreciation letters, certificates and souvenir

Partner Type 2: Co-Host (Full Partner)

ü  Provide lump sum funding for the full budgets or offset sections of the budget

ü  Fund complete or sections of the Post Summit Agenda

ü  Participate in joint fundraising efforts for the summit and post summit agenda

ü  Participate in Summit media interviews and press briefings

ü  Market the summit among their networks


Appear on the branding material of the entire summit

Acknowledged in all documentation

Will be collaborators in Post-Summit Agenda

Will participate in all summit Press briefings and be mentioned and acknowledged in every media interview

Will be featured in the Marketing Public Service Announcement

Partner Type 3: In kind Partners

ü  Provide Services within their daily trade

ü  Provide goods from their daily trade

ü  Provide resources or equipment to be used during the summit period (e.g. buses, vehicles, fuel, media coverage etc.)


Will be mentioned and acknowledged at the Opening and Closing Ceremony

Will be allowed to Exhibit and use their own branding material in specific places at the summit

Will be allowed to brand every item they donate for use during the summit. (based on guidelines to be outline in the communication strategy)


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